Blue Line Academy Courses

Blue Line Academy provides specialized training for law enforcement, corrections, and prosecutorial professionals with a focus on the investigation of criminal gangs and other organized crime groups. All classes are taught by a subject-matter expert and are designed to provide accurate, up-to-date, and useful training for every level of the law enforcement community.
Courtroom Preparation and Expert Witness Testimony ( 1 Day Class)

Every day across the United States, members of the law enforcement community who work in every capacity perform their duties in an exemplary manner.  In the time between arrest and court, however, further preparation is necessary to successfully turn exemplary arrests into solid convictions.

In reality, preparation for court proceedings and establishing a level of subject-matter expertise begins long before the arrest is made.  Thorough, systematic documentation of incidents and investigations must become second nature to today’s officers, and concise, accurate testimony must follow.  Students of this course will learn:

  • An easy-to-follow, systematic approach to documentation of criminal arrests and investigations
  • A time tested four-step process to articulation for criminal arrests
  • The necessary pillars of subject matter expertise and expert witness qualifications
  • Effective, professional courtroom etiquette and behavior
  • Much more!

Attendees of this course will also begin the process of preparing their professional resume, demonstrating training, specific knowledge, experience, specialized expertise, and accomplishments.  Whether you serve as a parole or probation officer, intelligence analyst, correctional officer, uniformed patrol, or investigator, this class will better prepare you to turn your current and future investigations into successful criminal prosecutions.

*This class is California STC certified.

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