Blue Line Academy Courses

Blue Line Academy provides specialized training for law enforcement, corrections, and prosecutorial professionals with a focus on the investigation of criminal gangs and other organized crime groups. All classes are taught by a subject-matter expert and are designed to provide accurate, up-to-date, and useful training for every level of the law enforcement community.
Criminal Gang Investigation (2 Day Class)

The proliferation of criminal street gangs throughout the United States has brought with it a rise in violent crime and a deterioration in the safety of law enforcement professionals and members of the community in general.  This course will provide students with the tools necessary to detect, identify, and investigate criminal gang activity.  Students will learn to:

  • Recognize the presence of criminal gangs
  • Identify significant signs and symbols
  • Understand the most common structures of criminal organizations
  • Properly document and classify gangs and members
  • Develop expertise for affidavits and courtroom testimony
  • Much more!

This information contained in this course is designed to enhance the effectiveness of anyone in the law enforcement community including patrol officers, detectives, correctional officers, intelligence analysts, parole and probation officers, prosecutors, and anyone else who has a desire to combat criminal gangs and the violence they bring to our communities.

*This class is California STC Certified

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